Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered the most common company formation queries below. If you still have a question please contact us.

Who can register an Australian company?

Anybody can form an Australian company. You must however provide at least one director who is resident in Australia and the company's office address should be an Australian address. You cannot use a post office box as a registered address.

Can I form a company with just one person?

Yes. A proprietary company can have one director and one shareholder and these can be the same person. You'll note that corporate secretaries are now optional for private companies.

How do I fix the mistake(s) I made while filling the application form?

If your application is rejected by ASIC for whatsoever reason, you can login to the client zone to edit the information before resubmitting it.

However, if the company has already been registered, all dealings are done directly with ASIC. ASIC provides a number of forms for the ongoing compliance of registered companies which are listed here.

Some commonly used form for changes are:

  • Form 205a : For incorrect company name.
    Even if it is just a typing mistake you will need to lodge a form 205a which ASIC currently charges $474 to lodge.
  • Form 492 : For incorrect personal details
    For example you entered someone's birthday incorrectly. In this case you can most likely lodge a form 492.
  • Form 484 : For changing company details like address, adding or delete director etc
    For example you incorrectly added or missed a director or incorrectly allocated shares. You will most likely need to lodge a form 484

Can I form a SMSF trustee company?

Yes! You can now register a company electronically AND specify that it is to be the trustee of a super fund at the time of incorporation. This saves a lot of time and removes the need for completing extra forms.

Do I need to provide identification?

No, we do not require any identification from you.

What information do I need to supply?

You will have to provide the following details:

  • The proposed company name
  • Full name, full residential address and date and place of birth for each director or secretary of the company.
  • Full name, address and number of shares for each member of the company.
  • The address of the registered office and principal place of business.

Will I need to sign anything?

No, we do not require you to sign anything. However we will send you documents for each director, secretary and shareholder of the company. You'll need to print these documents off and have them signed by the appropriate people. You do not need to post or lodge these documents anywhere. They are for you to keep with the records of the company.

How much does it cost?

Registering an Australian company carries a fee of $622. You can learn more about the pricing as below:

Description Amount G.S.T Total
SERVICE FEE $41.82 $4.18 $46
Total $622

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard.

How long does the whole process take?

It will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete our questionnaire (depending on the number of company officers and the number of shareholders in your company). If your application has no errors and doesn't get flagged for manual approval, you will usually receive your ACN and company documentation within 10 minutes of submission.
Orders flagged for manual approval at ASIC get processed during normal business hours. Common reasons for a manual approval include, non dictionary words in the company name and your chosen name being identical to an existing registered state business name.

What do I receive when everything is complete?

You will receive the official Certificate of Registration issued by ASIC and on our website. You will also receive:

  • Company officer consent forms
  • All required company officer consent forms created from your answers and if required, consent to use address as registered office.
  • Application for shares
  • All required member share application forms created from your answers.
  • Opening company minutes
  • Contains all the resolutions for the formation of your company.
  • Share member register
  • Full register prepared with the relevant share & member details including class, issue price and balance.
  • Share certificates
  • Share Certificates for each holding member with individual serial numbers.
  • Blank Forms
  • Blank consents, share applications and share certificates.
  • Client Copy of Lodgement
  • A copy of the Form 201 used to form your company.
  • Company constitution
  • PDF version of the standard company constitution

The Certificate and all other documents will come in .PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).

Do I need to post anything off or lodge anything by hand?

No. Our electronic system means you can form your company right from your own computer.

Do I need a company seal?

No. Company seals used to be required by the law but now they are optional, with a document considered correctly executed by a company if it is signed by two directors or a director and secretary or by a single director if they are the sole director and secretary.

Do you provide legal advice or advice about running my company?

Unfortunately not. We are solely a company registration website and do not advise our customers about the advantages & disadvantages of the company structure. We do however have some general information in our resources section where you can learn more about companies.

What times of day can I use this website to form a company?

You can use this website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is your refund policy?

We can provide the refund only if the company registration did not take place. If the company is registered it will only be possible to refund the service fee of $46 under exceptional circumstances. The $576 ASIC fee is not recoverable. If you wish to receive a refund, you must apply to us either by post or email stating in full the reasons for the refund. Refunds are given at our discretion.